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What is a BT Mail address?

BT Mail is the optional free email service which is comprised with BT Broadband. When you register for BT Broadband we will ask if you would prefer that a BT mail address to use. If you elect for this alternative you are likely to find an email address that ends in @btinternet. com. Unless you’ve chosen to utilize a different, your BT email address may also function as user-name for registering for other services you choose like BT Cloud and BT Wi-Fi. If you chose not to have an email address after you took broadband up, then don’t worry. You can do this after. So that is 11 in total!

How do I create and activate a new BT Mail address?

With BT Mail, if you are the account holder, you are able to produce up to 10 additional email addresses which you can use for your self or give to other members of your loved ones.

Before you create a new email address it is important to Comprehend the different types: 

  • Main address — generally the email address of the main BT account holder that can utilize their BT ID to install sub and affiliate email addresses
  • Sub accounts — an extra email address generally utilized as an alternative or other email address by the account holder. Sub-accounts will also be good for young family members as the primary account holder retains ownership
  • Affiliate account — an email address that is created for another household member. Affiliate users will have their own security Information and BT ID and this email address becomes their sole responsibility

How to create a new BT Mail address for yourself or a minor

  • Log in to My BT with your BT ID >
  • BT Broadband customers Will Need to Choose the broadband Connection from Within Your Bundle in Your Homepage then click see broadband extras and Finally BT Mail

bt mail

  • Click Manage BT Mail
  • Choose the Produce fresh email address Hyperlink
  • You’ll be asked to choose your new email address and supply a password to Get This.
  • When you have finished this, click on Create email
  • You’ll Be Provided a confirmation message and your new email address will soon be linked to your BT ID

How to create and gift a new BT Email address to a new user (new affiliate account)

  • Log into My BT along with your BT ID >
  • BT Broadband customers Might Need to Choose the broadband Connection from Within Your Bundle on Your Homepage then click see broadband extras and Eventually BT Mail

bt mail

  • Click Manage BT Mail
  • Select Give an email address
  • You’ll be asked to Offer the details of the individual that you’re Producing the new email address for and Also to decide on an email address.
  • When you’ve completed this, click on Proceed
  • You will be provided a confirmation message containing a hyperlink. This connection will even happen to be delivered to the contact email address which you supplied to a brand new user through installation. If you didn’t provide a contact address, you will need to share this connection together so that they can activate their new email address. This has to be done within 30 days. Until the brand new user activates their account, the Outstanding activation link will be available from the friends and family section Within the email management webpages
  • As part of activating their BT Email address, the new user will be asked to set up their own BT ID and password if they don’t already have one

BT Email (Forget username or password)

Forgotten your BT ID username?

Here’s How

  • Log into My BT along with your BT ID username and password
  • Click on Your bundle then Inclusive extras
  • Now Click the BT Email link and then Manage BT Email
  • On the next page, you will Have the Ability to see all your BT email addresses (usernames)

Forgotten your BT ID password?

Here’s How

  • Open your web browser and proceed to link
  • Click the hyperlink forgotten your login details?
  • Now in the specified space type your name.
  • After this follow the specified onscreen process and reset your password.

How to create strong passwords and keep them secure

Below are a few methods to email assistance you create a password that is hard to guess.

  • Prevent names of family members or pets, or things that are obviously associated with you, such as your date of arrival, nickname, or the title of your favorite film or football group
  • Don’t use the exact same username and password for every website. It might seem to make life simpler, but it leaves you wide open to fraud. If someone gets hold of your login details for one site, they might try and use them to get into your emails. And by reading your mails, the fraudsters could then get access to other online sites you have signed up to, such as ones in which you’ve stored credit card information. Finally the path might lead them to your online bank accounts
  • Change your password regularly, especially for fiscal websites
  • Never write down your password, or discuss it with anybody else
  • Always use a mix of capital and small letters, even if the site does not specifically ask for it
  • Avoid using actual words. Insert numbers or special characters or punctuation (if the site permits it)