BT emails on mac and iPad not working. Why?

Sometimes, users fail to set up their BT email on their Apple mail or Apple devices like iPad and iPhone. When the settings on Apple’s site and BT’s site also fail, they try and access their email via the browser on their iPhone but it is not a very convenient option.

A solution for this issue is to delete all of your unsuccessful accounts for BT that you tried setting up. Then, you can reboot your apple devices. Then, try and set up your email via the manual settings. The automatic email settings are not ideal for you.

On your iPhone home screening, tap on Settings. Here, look for Mail, Contacts, Calendars and click on Add Account. Now, click on Other and select Add Mail Account. In the mail account, put down the name that you want people to see when they receive an email from you. In the address field, enter your username, which is also your email ID. In the Password field, enter your password. Enter the name with which you wish to associate the account in the Description field. Select Next and in case you get an error message, click on OK. On the top of the screen, be sure that the IMAP settings have been selected.

In the section titled Incoming Mail Server, select as your Host name. In the blank for the Server Port, enter 993 and turn on the SSL. In the outgoing mail server, make the host name. in the Server port, enter in 465 and turn on SSL. Be certain that the password and Username that have been entered are correct and current. Click on save and your settings will be verified. You will then be taken to your Account screen. If it does not automatically happen, you can manually go to your account and go to your email.

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