How to access old email and folders using outlook on a new PC

As a precaution, when you use Microsoft Outlook for your email needs, you have the option of storing all of your email in a hard disk drive locally, to prevent any loss of data. This way, if you happen to Accidentally uninstall your outlook while trying to export the emails, you still have the option of recovering them. Another option is to find one of the .pst files where outlook store all emails. This is a personal storage table. In order to open the file, you will have to install Microsoft Outlook on your computer again.

First, reinstall Microsoft outlook and relaunch it. Click on file and tap on Open. After this, you will see an option called Import in the right side. This will open the import export wizard window for you. Here, click on Choose an Action to Perform, choose Import from another program or file and click on Next. Click on Select a File to Import From and choose Outlook Data File (.pst) before clicking on Next. Select Browse, which will allow you to select the PST file from the browser window. Here, select your system drive and open up the Users folder. This will allow you to choose your user, so you can open the My Document folder and click open Outlook Files. Click on Outlook.pst and select Open so that it can open up in Microsoft Outlook. If you had backed up your email under a different name, the file you are looking for will have a different name. if you see more than one PST files, look for the newest file and import it.

Click on Replace duplicates with items imported and select Next. The folder that will contain the emails, usually the inbox, should be clicked on so that you can tap on the Import items into the current folder option and the select Finish. This will start the recovery process. Remember that if you reboot your system or close Outlook, there are high chances of the PST file getting corrupted.

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