Unable to use search feature in BT email interface?

Users have been complaining that since the last time BT Yahoo mail changed its interface, they have been unable to make proper use of the search function. This is because the search function fails to find messages which the user is aware exist. At certain times, it works as usual while on other occasions it does not. Before the change, it never had problems while working.

You will have noticed that Outlook would sometime open up on your PC inadvertently while you would click through your contact details or links to emails. There is a high possibility that Outlook has already downloaded all of your emails. Unless setting of your email have been altered, and you have selected leave a copy on the server, POP3 will delete your emails. This has caught many users off guard, but if you downloaded the emails, will still be present in your inbox. This also requires that you had not seleted your emails previously. If they were downloaded, it will not be much of a task to get them back on your server

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